Cydonia in the Sand

I recently shared some seasonal cocktails and homemade sodas at a special event at Maven Collective, a vintage shop in Southeast Portland.  If you are in Portland, Oregon, I highly recommend visiting this shop; they are good people.

I had a wonderful time meeting many of you!  I know I promised to post some of the recipes here.  Today I will share two of them with you: Cydonia in the Sand, a playful variation of a margarita, and a fresh pear rosemary soda.

When Maven asked me to come up with a specialty drink for the event, I thought of their bright, open space filled with succulents, well-loved boots, and gorgeous turquoise jewelry.  The song Cowgirl in the Sand popped in my head, along with the scents of sagebrush and mezcal.  I decided to create a margarita.

I wanted the margarita to feature a seasonal fruit, and quince, with its rough and tumble qualities, fit the bill.  The sweetness of the quince needed some tempering with notes of spice and complexity so I added a little chipotle and vanilla.  Making a drink with so many layers, it is easy to make a murky mess, but I was happy with the results and would love to share the process with you.

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